Taekwondo is a martial art that combines combat and self-defense techniques with sport and fitness. Taekwondo has been an Olympic event since 1988 and is the most widely practiced martial art in the world with over 9 million Black Belt-holders world-wide, and over 250,000 Black Belt-holders in the USA alone.


Why Taekwondo for my child?

There are many benefits associated with children and Taekwondo. Here examples of what Taekwondo will do for your child:

  • Improve Physical Strength, Agility and Balance: Because of Taekwondo’s emphasis on kicking technique, practitioners have to concentrate on balance and agility. This also helps strengthen the muscles of the torso and generally improve coordination. Arm and leg muscles become stronger as a child practices punches, blocks and strikes.


  • Improve Concentration: Learning the patterns and forms of Taekwondo requires concentration and attention, while sparring requires focus on both one’s self and one’s opponent. In addition, Taekwondo teaches breathing and meditation techniques to assist in learning focus.


  • Instill Discipline and Respect: Taekwondo students must learn to follow directions from an instructor and are expected to show respect to the instructor. Students are also expected to show respect to their opponents before and after a sparring match.


  • Build Self-Confidence: As children dedicate themselves to a goal in Taekwondo perhaps, learning a particular strike, or earning their next belt — they gain confidence as they observe their own progress and increasing mastery. This self-confidence can then be carried over into other areas of your child’s life.